Primary Flow Signal

In less than three decades, Primary Flow Signal has become a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of differential producer type flow metering equipment and accessories specifically suited to the measurement of liquid, gas and steam phases.

Primary Flow Signal (PFS) and its subsidiaries provide the industry’s highest accuracy and the highest reliability flow measurement technology, equipment, engineering, service, sales, support, and distribution.

With headquarters and manufacturing in the United States and Canada, PFS leads the North American market and extends its global reach to all continents. We specialize in pressurized and open channel flow metering applications and all types of line fluid (i.e., steam, gas, and liquid, as well as solids-bearing) measurement solutions. Our versatile technology serves a wide variety of functions critical to our everyday lives and comfort, e.g.: municipal water and wastewater delivery, industrial service, chemical processing, power generation, as well as oil and gas extraction and management.