Emerald Coast Manufacturing

The WAVE™ by Emerald Coast Manufacturing is an electronically controlled, heavy duty vacuum wastewater sampler. This All-Climate refrigerated sampler allows for composite sampling with a high level of accuracy. The WAVE™ features a high impact and weatherable acrylic/ABS body, making this all-climate unit perfect for even the harshest of outdoor and indoor environments.

The integrated touchscreen controls give you the ability to specify the volumes of water and program times and/or flow intervals to collect samples. Controls also allow you to digitally control temperature within the sample compartment.

The WAVE™’s powerful vacuum system generates stronger purges that remove contamination and can draw samples from greater distances. The WAVE™ can pull samples with vertical lifts of nearly 30 feet and provide consistent accurate sampling with no need to worry about replacing costly internal tubes. With that, the WAVE™’s vacuum system exceeds EPA transport velocity.