General Filter

WesTech offers a wide variety of equipment for groundwater treatment for potable use. Whether your treatment objective is gas removal, iron and manganese removal, color removal, softening, or even filtering a source under the direct influence of surface water, WesTech has your solution.

General Filter was founded in 1935 in Ames, Iowa. General Filter has a long tradition of innovation, beginning with the invention of the ATOMERATOR™ system – an innovative way of introducing oxygen into a process stream without breaking system pressure. Over time, General Filter became established as an industry standard for all varieties of manufactured water treatment equipment including pressure filters, clarifiers, and aerators.

Microfloc was founded in 1961 and made its mark on the industry with several innovative water treatment methods, including the mixed media filter bed, the first commercially viable tube settler, the upflow Adsorption Clarifier® system, and a method for electronic control of coagulation chemical addition. Microfloc continues in the tradition of innovation with the Trident® HS system, which is the most sophisticated package treatment system on the market.

With the iconic General Filter and Microfloc brands under the WesTech umbrella, WesTech has the breadth of experience and process capability to provide comprehensive solutions for all water treatment applications, including: AerationFlocculation and Clarification, FiltrationThickening, and Backwash Recovery.