Troy Valve

Troy Valve began producing a waterworks valve specialty product line purchased from Mueller Company in 1984. The original line included flap valves, mud valves, and shear gates for the water distribution and treatment industries. The original Mueller mud valve design dates back nearly 80 years, but we’ve since refined and redesigned the valve. We have been producing, updating, and making our own products for the water and wastewater industry ever since. Troy Valve continues to be one of the most trusted brands in the industry, with products in many countries across the globe.

Troy Valve excels with:

  • Flap Valves are put on the end of a flanged pipe to allow the flow of water out of the pipe but prevent anything from flowing back in, such as sticks, leaves, or other debris. Under direct pressure, the valve will open, and it will close when the pressure from outfall fluid is relieved.
  • Shear gates are designed for use in lines of low seating pressure for filling and emptying tanks, low sludge discharge lines, and similar applications. They are ideal for tanks where sludge tends to stick. They provide a tight shearing action upon closing that removes any sludge remaining on the seat of the valve.