Triple Point Water

Wastewater Lagoons

For hundreds of years, lagoons have provided reliable, cost-effective, and low maintenance wastewater treatment for municipalities and industries. Nowadays, lagoon owners are increasingly challenged to meet stricter effluent requirements, expand capacity, or simply upgrade antiquated or underperforming equipment.

We believe in lagoons: It’s all we do. We believe that this effective, sustainable method of wastewater treatment should be preserved. That’s why we have dedicated our 30+ years of lagoon engineering expertise to rehabilitating lagoons-innovating treatment technologies and processes that leverage existing infrastructure while minimizing capital expense.

Triplepoint offers cutting-edge lagoon solutions that allow wastewater lagoons to be reinvented instead of replaced. Our MARS aerator features patented Double-Bubble­™ technology, combining energy-efficient fine-bubble diffused aeration with the mixing capabilities of coarse-bubble diffusion, in a scalable, portable unit. Our NitrOx™ lagoon ammonia removal process provides controlled nitrification in any climate at 2/3 the cost of other technologies. LRAS advanced lagoon treatment brings the power of return activated sludge to lagoons to increase treatment capacity by as much as 10X.

Whatever your lagoon challenge, Triplepoint can help you Do It Better. All of our lagoon solutions are designed to be robust, low maintenance, and simple to operate-keeping the benefits of the lagoon treatment process and upgrading them for modern requirements as cost-effectively as possible.

We partner with you

Triplepoint is committed to being your complete lagoon solution provider, partnering with you to plan, design, and implement the best possible treatment system for your facility-from design collaboration to equipment specification, from preliminary AutoCAD layouts to final construction documents, from concept to startup, and through operations and long-term maintenance.

We stand behind our solutions

Every installation is important to us. We know that effective wastewater treatment is critical to the health of our environment, and we take our responsibility very seriously.

We pledge to provide all our customers with the most authentic, long-term solution available. These solutions are built on the shoulders of more than 30 years of professional wastewater engineering experience. Our commitments to excellence, sound research, adaptability, and environmental consciousness separate Triplepoint from the competition.

We stand behind our products and processes. Every installation is backed by our Technology Performance Guarantee: We guarantee our equipment will perform as promised or we’ll fix it, at no cost to you.

Triplepoint’s Core Values

Our core values are so important to us we posted them on the wall-to guide our day-to-day decisions as well as our long term strategy. We believe that by staying true to these values, we will earn the right to be your lagoon solution provider.

People. Products. Profit.

No Snake Oil.
We Say It. We Do It.
Good Data. Good Decisions.
Competence. Character. Care.
Stay Hungry.

We strive to be your wastewater lagoon experts. Contact us if there’s anything we can help you with.