Sanitaire – Xylem

Xylem’s Sanitaire brand provides complete biological wastewater treatment solutions for public utility and industrial applications. The Sanitaire comprehensive offering includes diffused aeration, sequencing batch reactors, oxidation ditches, and state-of-the-art controls that drive efficient operations. Sanitaire is regarded as a leading brand in diffused aeration, which is a process that introduces air into a liquid, providing an aerobic environment for degradation of organic matter. Fine-pore diffusion of air is highly competitive due to its high oxygen transfer efficiency and lower energy costs. Sanitaire wide-band aeration systems are used in applications such as grit chambers and sludge that require non-clogging, maintenance-free systems. In 2013, Xylem launched the Sanitaire OSCAR process performance optimization system. When combined with Sanitaire advanced aeration systems, Xylem was able to deliver 65 percent energy savings to the operators of the Sterno, Sweden wastewater treatment plant.