RPS Engineering

RPS is an industry leader in the area of industrial cover systems. We were founded in 1975 by Richard Stanis and headquartered in Elburn, Illinois. The plant began producing specialty corrugated metal products and soon found its niche manufacturing conveyor covers. This small fabricating facility, consisting of four or five employees, began to grow steadily into the multi-faceted operation it is today.

Partnered with several other ventures and now located in Elgin, IL, RPS has evolved into a multi-million dollar operation. It now produces a wide variety of industrial covering systems. We are able to accommodate almost any industrial or municipal requirements.

Our most common applications include Waste Water Treatment Plant odor control domes, flat covers and lander covers, belt conveyor covers and architectural roofing and siding.


We believe we have the capability to satisfy most industrial or architectural covering requirements; whether it be conveyor belt covers, roofing or siding, or flat covers and domes. RPS continually analyzes pricing, buying and manufacturing procedures to assure you the best value for your dollar.

Give our engineers, salespeople and manufacturing personnel the opportunity to earn your next project