Park Process

ParkProcess dewatering equipment includes products specifically designed to dewater sludge, mud, gritty waste, sewage, septage, grease trap waste, manufacturing wastewater, refinery and chemical plant waste, mining waste, agricultural waste streams, and a host of other applications.

This equipment is simple to use and cost-effective, with low maintenance requirements. Dewatering equipment manufactured by ParkProcess includes dewatering boxes, polymer make-up systems, and filter media.

Dewatering Containers are watertight boxes that have an internal porous structure supporting a filter media, along with drain ports to allow the filtered water to escape. The most common type of dewatering container is based on a roll-off box design, although any type of container that is watertight can be made into a dewatering box. This includes containers that are commonly referred to as self-dumping hoppers and front loaders.

Other types of containers being used in the wastewater industry, such as side and rear loaders, and lugger boxes can also be manufactured as dewatering boxes. There are basically two varieties of these dewatering containers: those that have permanent filters and those that use disposable filters. Within the permanent filter category, there are multiple configurations of filter orientation, materials of construction, and filter porosity. The most common type of disposable filter is a needle punched polypropylene geotextile.