Electrolytic Technologies

Traditionally, water utilities have used chlorine gas as the disinfectant of choice in their water treatment plants. However, recent publicly reported chlorine leakages and foreign terrorist attacks have raised concern regarding the safety of this practice.

Although some progressive public utilities are evaluating alternative technologies to pressurized chlorine gas, chlorine remains the most effective broadband disinfectant. In response to this preference, Klorigen™ on-site chlorine gas generators can facilitate the continuation of current disinfection methods while promoting safe practices through the use of chlorine gas at ambient pressure.

Alternatively, water disinfection may be safely and effectively accomplished using Klorigen™ on-site generation of high strength sodium hypochlorite solution. Storage of 12.5% concentration requires less than one-fifteenth of that needed for low strength (i.e. less than 0.8%) generated sodium hypochlorite.

Klorigen systems are ideally suited for wash disinfection. The generated bleach is chemically ultra pure, and at 10 – 15% concentration, unlike commercial bulk deliveries which have undergone constant degradation since their production date.