Fundamental changes in data communications technology allow MISSION to provide the M800 real-time SCADA system for less than the price of many auto-dialers. These changes let you have a full SCADA system that is so simple; most customers can take it from the box to up and running by themselves in less than a day. Use it as a stand-alone system or as fill-in or backup for existing SCADA systems. See for yourself why hundreds of customers enthusiastically recommend MISSION.

Traditional SCADA systems required the construction of a private radio or phone line network to carry remote sites telemetry data. MISSION's RTU's interface normal input and output functions with digital cellular networks to provide RTU functionality while sharing spectrum resources with other (non-telemetry) users.

All MISSION systems include:
♦  Two Secure Web Sites   ♦  Site Access Logs
♦  Analysis and Alerts   ♦  Alarm Message Delivery
♦  Management Reports   ♦  Graphing and Display Software
♦  Maintenance Logs   ♦  Pump Runtimes and Starts

Because of the numerous field hardware features and wireless communication options, there are many industrial applications as well. MISSION systems are very affordable, easy to install, simple to use, and remarkably reliable. We have hundreds of customers with thousands of installed units.