Guardian Environmental Products

Rectangular Clarifiers

Guardian Environmental Products was originally incorporated in June of 2000 when the company acquired a major mid-Atlantic regional equipment supplier and manufacture's representative. With the acquisition came a 30+ year history of supplying custom engineered capital equipment to the municipal market. That history included working closely with engineers and water and wastewater treatment plant owners. The name was changed to Guardian Environmental Products Incorporated to more accurately reflect the company's national focus.

Guardian Environmental Products has since sold off its manufacturer representative business and today strictly operates as a direct manufacturer of capital equipment to the water and wastewater industry. Guardian has grown to be a highly recognized supplier of rectangular clarifier equipment in the United States. As an active member of WEFTEC, Guardian displays at the national show and many local state shows each year. Guardian's TROLL Collector display with full scale components has been hit with a record number of visitors.

The company has and continues to introduce valuable innovations including BOSS™ (Biologically Optimized Sludge removal System) and CFP™ (Collector Failure Protection) systems, and continues to lead the way in equipment performance enhancements. Guardian has also established an ongoing reputation as a valuable resource with extensive 40 year experience in compatibility and retrofit of most other major manufacturer's equipment.

Today, Guardian maintains the broadest range of products and material options in the industry. This investment and capability enable them to be the only provider to properly apply the best solution to satisfy the customers' need without bias to limited material options.