Fluid Dynamics

The dynaBLEND™ began in a way many products do: a few creative people with some ingenious ideas. The result was a revolutionary new non-mechanical polymer blending system. Following extensive research and collaboration with leading polymer scientists, Fluid Dynamics refined and patented the dynaBLEND™ polymer blending technology in 1985. Over 20 years and thousands of installations later, Fluid Dynamics stands as one of the premier polymer equipment companies in the world and is staffed with some of the leading polymer equipment engineers in the US. Our technical staff is specifically dedicated to the development and application of polymer equipment, though attempts have been made to imitate the dynaBLEND™ system. Initial skepticism has turned into praise from all aspects of the industry, from engineers to end users.

Knowing the facts behind polymer blending is the first step in understanding the numerous benefits of the dynaBLEND™ technology. Over the years, the spectrum of polymers available has widened, and today, there are more difficult-to-blend polymers than ever before. This is especially important because some polymer blending systems work well on simple-to-blend polymers but fail at effectively activating the difficult polymers. Look inside the dynaBLEND™ system and see how our patented HydroACTION works.